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January 1, 2021
January 1, 2021 Rydezilla


We've Arrived

At the dawn of the new decade, a new being came to Life. Something EPIC. After years of cooking in the kitchen, we are proud to give you, Rydezilla, the #1 smartphone app for car rentals.

Imagine unlocking your phone, launching a gorgeously designed app, finding the Ryde that fits you, understands you. And what’s more, with a few elegant touches, you can have it delivered right to your doorstep. Imagine traveling to a new city, and in the midst of all the confusion of new sights and unfamiliar sounds, you know you have a companion right in your pocket.  And imagine if that friend has already arrange for your transportation. Awesome, right?

This may seem like something straight out of a movie, but this is a technology of today. Rydezilla’s mobile app makes it easy, safe and secure to rent a car with a flick of your smartphone. Not to mention, we are constantly striving to give you the best deals from our trusted partners. That’s why our motto is…

Why Dream about Rydin’,
When you can be
Rydin’ your Dream !

Rydezilla offers more convenient services and better prices than those international brands or airport booths. On a basic level, we aim to be a concierge for all your auto-needs and provide a super-flexible system to manage all the specifics. More than that, we’re changing the way people rent cars. We’ve built our name on a unique customer experience from start to finish.

Wait there’s more…

We know Life happens, right? If you ever need to change your itinerary, just drop us a line and we will do our best. Furthermore, you can keep track of all the previous rydez you rented for future reference.

  • Want to find offers in your current location. No problem
  • Want to rent it again or extend your booking? No problem.
  • Had a specific car model in mind? You guessed it. No problem.

Had a Good Time?

Make sure to leave feedback. You can rate your overall experience, the ryde you got or the Rental Office. Always show your love. And if your time was anything less than what you imagined, then we’re a phone call away with Superb Customer Support , twenty-four-seven.

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Holla At Us . . .

We welcome you to contact us for more information about any of our Apps or Services.

Wanna Talk ?

Whether you need help with renting a Ryde in a foreign city or with modifying an existing booking. Our support agents are always there for you.

Wanna Become a Dealer ?

Become a Rydezilla Dealer and list your cars with us. Get Bookings, Customers and New Opportunities to Jumpstart your Rental Business. Bonus: we’ll through in our Rydezilla Dealer App.

Wanna Manage a Fleet ?

Get more info on how to gain access to our Cloud-based Vehicle Management System. Add Rydez, Track Locations, Follow Expenses and more…

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